Complete prenatal care

  •  Hour-long Prenatal Visits
  •  Emotional Support
  •  Birth preparation
  •  Nutritional counseling
  •  Health/risk assessment
  •  Diagnostic testing
  •  Book lending library

Labor and birth

  •  Homebirth, waterbirth
  •  Labor assessment, support and monitoring
  •  Doula services (labor and postpartum)

Postpartum care for mother and baby

  •  Hour-long Postpartum Visits
  •  Mother and Baby Health/Risk assessment
  •  Newborn care education
  •  Breastfeeding support
  •  Board certified lactation consulting
  •  Family planning consultation and well-woman care
  •  Placenta processing

Many of the prenatal appointments, and all postpartum appointments, are conducted in your home.  Our standard schedule for prenatal care includes an initial in-depth meeting in which we take a full health history and do a physical assessment. Subsequent prenatal visits occur every three-four weeks until 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks, and weekly until the birth of your baby. After attending your birth, we generally do appointments at one day, three days, six days, ten-twelve days, three weeks, and six weeks postpartum. Additional appointments can be scheduled according to your needs. A midwife is always available by phone or pager.


Posted November 2, 2010 by Tres Lunas Midwifery