For Clients

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Paperwork to fill out and return

Informed Consent

Health History

MANA Consent Form

Diet Diary

Thoughts about the Pregnancy and Birth

Gestational Diabetes Consent

Tests and Treatments of the Newborn

Vitamin K Waiver

Eye Prophylaxis Waiver

GBS Informed Consent

Postdates Informed Consent

Please read

Prenatal Concerns

Nutrition in Pregnancy

Genetic Screening

Book List

Birth Supplies

Signs of Labor

Thrush Info Sheet

Infant Feeding

Postpartum Information

Additional Information

Vitamin K Information

GBS Information

Heartburn Recommendations


Birth Control

Carseat Safety

At Home Labor Stimulation

Depression in Pregnancy/Postpartum Depression



Posted November 2, 2010 by Tres Lunas Midwifery