Midwifery provides an opportunity for families to experience women centered services where informed choice and client education are pillars of care.  We believe that fully integrating families in the pregnancy, birth and postpartum provides a unique opportunity for a deepened sense of ownership in the experience.

We feel that each woman is capable of making the decisions that are best for her.   In choosing homebirth you have both a higher level of responsibility and choice in your care.  We offer you preventative care, autonomy, privacy, and our focused attention.  Throughout your care we are committed to fully informing you of your status and options, discussing the pros and cons of each option, and making an individualized care plan with you.

Repeated studies have shown that among women with low-risk pregnancies, homebirth is as safe as hospital birth. In addition, hospital births carry risks seldom associated with homebirths.

We are committed to serving families of all backgrounds and of all incomes and to making midwifery care available to more women.

If you would like more information about our homebirth practice watch this short homebirth video.

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